GBM Alliance aka. The idea for Greater Baltimore Muslim Alliance began in 2015 during Ramadan to explore a way to unify and communicate our collective community interest.  The idea was that a shared digital platform keep community members informed about member activities and upcoming events – more effectively and efficiently.

We have started with 4 masjids or mosque communities including Masjid Khalifah in Park Heights, Muslim Community Culture Center in West Baltimore, Temple #6 in West Baltimore, and Masjid Al-Inshirah in Baltimore County.  Of course we hope to add more going forward.

The roots of Islam in America are rich with stories of discovery, hardship and struggle, especially the rebirth of black people freed from slavery and reunited with Al Islam.  (We say reunited to acknowledge our Muslim roots in Africa from which a significant portion of those sold into slavery were Muslim.)  This history would go on to make great contributions to our nation setting the stage for Muslims of all nationalities to find their place in the great American narrative.

Our site is simply about capturing and sharing good works and events from believing people in our locale and their friends and supporters.  We are not a political site, nor do we speak for “all Muslims” and any views expressed are the views of the speaker.

That said, whatever our differences, we must continue the work to dignify our history and create a better future for all of humanity.  This is the true legacy of Muhammad the Prophet, (The peace be upon him).  This is the legacy that our leadership, past and present, are committed to preserving.

If you have questions about Islam please contact one of our centers today.

David Muhammad

Co founder / Team Leader

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Let’s reinvent community life!  so much opportunity so little time.  I manage teams to
make operations more efficient and being a visionary I am sensitive to changing environments and cultural impact.
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Bushra Abdul-Jabbar

Community Outreach and Digital Media Specialist

Passionate about helping people and strengthening communities read more

Tariq Muhammad

Lead IT director and coder

Candice WilliE

Creative Director and Co-founder

Kamal Cubas

Co-Founder/Communications and Marketing Specialist