We have confirmed MCCCB, 3401 W North Ave, Baltimore, MD 21216,  will be the location for the EID prayer.
Date to be confirmed by moon sighting prayer starts at 8:30 a.m.  Continental breakfast will be available.
1. Believers should bring rugs as the set up will be outside.
2. The Eid tax will be $15 (per person in household). Must be paid before Eid prayer
3. I Can’t We Can will be providing Breakfast and the afternoon feast.
4. Prayer Will begin at 9 am
5. There will gifts for the kids
6. Tarharka Bros. Ice cream truck will be providing all you can eat ice cream!
7. Security has been confirmed
8. Indoor and Outdoor Facilities have been confirmed
9. Muhammad’s Mosque #6, Al Inshirah, MCCCB, and Masjid Khalifah have confirmed to participate.